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Iowa Notarial Act 9B effective Jan 2013
Written by Linda Kassis   

Iowa has made changes to its Notarial Act to become effective January 1, 2013. Previously, the Iowa Notarial Act was 9E. It is now 9B. Click here for the revised Iowa Notarial Act 9B.

Within this link you will not only find the new Notarial Act but, also, information on other laws relating to notarial duties or where the Notarial Act 9B is referenced.

Notarization: Customer vs non-Customer
Written by United Notary Ass'n   

A Notary MAY NOT decline to notarize because a signier is no a customer of their employer or business. An employer MAY NOT restrict a notary from performing a notarization because a person is not a customer. Iowa Notaries are Notaries Public, not Notaries Private.

Iowa Notarial Act 9B.3(3) says:

Power of Attorney-Don't wait until it is too late
Written by Linda Kassis   

There are several different types of power of attorney documents. Some are for medical power of attorney and others are for general personal affairs.

Many families are waiting until something happens before putting a power of attorney into place with their children or a trusted individual. Setting up a power of attorney before you become hospitalized or deemed incompetent does not mean you are turning your affairs over to someone now. They can be set to take effect upon you no longer being capable of handling your affairs and not until.

State vs Employer-Who Dictates my duties?
Written by Linda Kassis   

As I travel across the state of Iowa, speaking with and instructing Iowa Notaries Public, I hear stories of challenges encountered by our Notaries. Due to the lack of training provided in the past and the lack of ongoing training, Notaries, their employers and the public are often misinformed or maintain many misconceptions of the role of the Notary Public and who dictates their role, their responsibilities and the procedures by which they perform their duties.

Certified Copy of Passport Records
Written by Linda Kassis   

Where can I get a Certified Copy of a Passport or Passport Records?certified

You can obtain a copy of Passport Record from the U.S. Department of
State: Bureau of Consular Affairs. Click here to go to the website. If the link does not work, copy this web address into your browser:


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